Wedding Sewing Plans – Part 2

Wow it has been a long time since I posted.  Life (mainly work) has taken over and I have just not had the energy to sit down and write or even really sew.  But things look to be slowing down a little so hopefully I will reclaim some sewing time, which, given my long list of sewing plans, is kind of a necessity.

As promised in my previous post here is the second instalment of my sewing plans for my brother’s weddings in June/July this year.  For background details and sewing plans for myself check out my post here.  In this post I’ll be taking you through my plans for my children’s outfits and a handmade gift for the bride to be.

A theme central to my little bro’s wedding is swans.  At school he got landed with the nickname ‘swan’ and this has carried on through his life since.  On receiving the ‘save the date’ invite the logo for himself and the bride was a monogram of their initials in the shape of swan heads with the tag line ‘two become swan’.  Cute, huh! I have therefore jumped upon the swan bandwagon and used Spoonflower to print co-ordinating swan fabric (in cotton sateen – 1 yard each) to be used to make Miss A’s and Master E’s outfits for the Portugal wedding.  This will be my first experience using Spoonflower so I am keen to see how the onscreen colour compares to the printed fabric and how it feels, washes up and handles being sewn.  According to the tracking my package should arrive sometime next week, having placed the order on 5th February.  Yes that will be a month from placing the order to receiving it, which is quite lengthy, but I am in Australia and they do have to print it to order rather than cut from a bolt.

Despite the horrendous shipping costs I was also seduced by the fabric offerings at Mood and (amongst other things) I ordered 2.5 yards of a cotton/linen blend gold/ecru fabric to be used in both of the children’s outfits.

Not having yet received any of these fabrics these are the website images of the fabrics.

So how am I going to use these fabrics? Well…

Master E’s Outfit

For 3 year old Master E I’ve decided upon the Digital Sketchbook Shirt + Shorts pattern by Oliver + S.

Digital Sketchbook Shirt + Shorts by Oliver + S

Having worked with Oliver + S patterns before I know that they are very well drafted and easy to follow.  I am going for the short-sleeved version of the shirt (View B) but with the collar from View A using the blue Spoonflower cotton sateen.  The shorts will be made from the Mood cotton/linen blend.  I am also considering using the Mood fabric for the collar and button band of the shirt to tie the two pieces together but I’m still undecided on this.

Miss A’s Outfit

I was originally going to make Miss A the Genevieve dress by Violette Field Threads as I’ve had this sitting in my stash for ages but then Oliver + S had a 50% off day and I got seduced by their Fairytale Dress which is just made for special occasions.  It also kind of seems fitting that both outfits will be Oliver + S patterns.

Fairytale Dress by Oliver + S

I plan to make View B, which, with its gorgeous big bow and being sleeveless will be perfect for a hot Portugal wedding.  The main part of the dress will be made using the Mood cotton/linen fabric and then the collar and sash will be made from the pink Spoonflower cotton sateen.  I’m really excited about envisioning how the finished dress will look and how cute and co-ordinated Miss A and Master E will be.  Let’s hope the outfits turn out as planned and meet my expectations!

A Gift for the Bride

Also on my to make list is something for the beautiful bride (my sister in law to be).  I always knew it was going to be a robe because in my head I see her wearing it as she sips champagne whilst getting her hair and make up done for the wedding.  Of course I’m sure (I hope) that it will be worn on more than this one occasion but this was my impetus.

Tossing up between two of the more well known indie patterns, Named Asaka Kimono and Seamwork Almada I have decided upon the latter.  The reason being I had a heap of credits in my Seamwork account, the pattern requires less fabric and will hopefully be a slightly easier and quicker sew for me (Seamwork suggest that all of their patterns can be made in just a few hours).

Whilst I was originally planning to make the robe in the same Spoonflower swan print as the kid’s outfits I changed my mind when The Fabric Store recently had their summer sale and had 30% off Liberty fabric.  I know the bride loves Liberty and after seeing Fiona’s Liberty Almada I was convinced that it was a match made in heaven.  Still, being relatively inexperienced, I was not game enough to try handling Liberty silk but the tana lawn is sublimely soft and is likely to pose far less ‘pull my hair out’ moments.  Selecting a print was the hardest part.  I really am truly hopeless when it comes to decision making…but this Forget Me Not print leapt out at me.  The bride is a real girly girl and working in fashion I can believe that the contents of her bag would look much like those captured in the fabric, so decision made.  The only pain is/was that the fabric is clearly directional so I had to purchase 3m to account for fabric layout.  On the plus side I am likely to have some leftover fabric so I will also try to make a matching eye mask for the bride using Tilly’s free pattern.

Well done if you’ve reached the end of all that and stay tuned to see how everything turns out!

Sewing Goals for 2017

Sew (see what I did there and yes that will be the only lame pun) for my first ever blog post and with it still (just) being January I thought I would begin by laying out my sewing goals for 2017.  Not only will this give you some idea of the types of projects that will be coming up here but it will hopefully keep me on track with my intended sewing plans!

As you will discover in an upcoming post I unfortunately have a tendency to impulse buy patterns and fabric, particularly when there is any form of a sale on (you know what I’m talking about, right?).  Then despite my best intentions to crank out some of these newly purchased projects most sit untouched for the longest time because there is no physical way I can sew EVERYTHING right away.  Acting on the advice of Anya from Anna Zoe who appears on the very first Maker Style podcast (if you’ve never heard of Maker Style you should definitely check out Rachel’s podcasts for sewing insight from the indie sewing community) I have begun to create a spreadsheet to organise my sewing and solve this problem.  It essentially lists all my unmade patterns and their fabric requirements cross-referenced to appropriate fabric in my stash where it exists.  The idea is that I when I wonder what to sew next all I need to do is look at my list and pick a seasonally appropriate item and grab the corresponding fabric from my stash.  The problem of pattern and fabric stash busting solved! Now all I’ve got to do is stick to this plan…let’s just see how I go with that.

In saying all this there is a special event in 2017 that will catapult some makes to the top of my ‘to make’ list.  My little bro is getting married!!! Not only that but he is having two weddings.  One, a legal registry office wedding in London with a casual pub reception and then the second a big and slightly more formal celebration/non-legal wedding at a vineyard in Portugal.  Cue two wedding outfits to make for moi as well as two outfits for my daughter (6) and son (2).  The hubby doesn’t get a handmade outfit because that would require too much material and time to achieve the right fit.  Luckily he hasn’t actually shown any interest in wanting one.

I’m worried this post is going to drag on if I go through all the clothes I intend to sew for the occasion so I’ll begin with plans for my outfits and then do another post on the kids outfits and a present for the bride.

My Wedding Outfits

I’m still undecided on what I’m going to make for the London wedding because I don’t know whether we’ll be at the registry office (it will possibly be my parents and the bride’s parents only) or just the pub at the evening.  Possible outfits from my current patterns include:

Yes there is some mega BHL love going on here as they really do nail glamorous dresses.  I have some gorgeous stretch sateen in from The Fabric Store that I have earmarked for the Georgia dress regardless of whether I wear it to the wedding or not.  For the Flora dress I was thinking it would look great in a scuba knit fabric (although it is technically designed for wovens) and Mood have such an amazing range BUT the instructions specifically state that the fabric must be 60″ wide to accommodate the circle skirt.  Bummer as Mood’s scuba is 54″.  As I’m still really digging the thought of scuba another option could be a scuba two piece similar to my Melbourne Cup outfit or substituting the skirt for something more fitted like Megan Nielsen’s Axel Skirt, version 3.  Let me know your thoughts.

Finally, for wedding 2 in Portugal I’ve decided on another BHL dress.  This time the ever popular Anna, which will be made out of some divine cotton/silk fabric that I picked up from The Fabric Store online (in the same package as my leopard print sateen) when they had a sale happening.

On a side note I have just been informed by TFS that I can place mail orders with their Australian bricks and mortar stores to take advantage of instore fabric specials..uh oh that could be dangerous.  Although I really would love to just travel the 4.5 hours it takes to get to their Melbourne store so I can see and touch the massive range of fabrics they house there.  Has anyone travelled crazy distances to touch and buy fabric?  As much as I love online shopping nothing beats actually being in a fabric store.

And on that note there we have my first blog post!

Catch you soon with part 2 of wedding attire planning and hopefully some actual makes.